Italian food and culture go hand in hand

Rolando’s is a  celebration of five  generations  of family life and family business. A place that brings together the unmistakable feeling of life in the village piazza.

Italian food and culture go hand in hand. Enjoying a meal with friends or family is the main ingredient of any Italian dish. Pasta, Pizza,  and Gelato are amongst many family’s favorite cuisines. 

Rolando’s family originate  from the tiny Village of Picinisco 75 miles south east of Rome . A region of Folklore and deep traditions .Their diet was simple, fresh from their own garden. There was a large open fireplace lit every morning. A great cast- iron pot was suspended over the fire, the fire kept alive by a giant pair of bellows, pasta was cooked here almost every day, usually eaten with the simplest of sauces, sliced onion with rich red tomatoes cooked in the local dark cloudy olive oil. 

Our dishes here at Rolando’s are based on fresh ingredients, simple but of outstanding quality. We hope that you too will experience a touch of the real Italian Life whilst you’re here.



Freshly Made Authentic Italian Food

Experience a touch of the real Italian life whilst you’re here.


So where did it all start

Domenico and Christina arrived in London in 1884 from the village of Picinisco south East of Rome.

Grandfather Domenico was a carpenter and used his skills to craft street pianos. He came to Manchester in 1895”s and opened his own factory making barrel piano’s.  The business was a great success and the quality of his pianos was recognized at international exhibitions with awards that included Bronze Medal in Milan 1906, Gold Medal in London 1910, and Silver Medal in Turin 1911.

With a thriving family of 6 children Ernesto, Luigi, Romolo, Julia, Vera and Dolly,  Domenico decided to expand the business and the  ladies in family ran an Italian food and wine wholesale and retailing business.


Although prolific, the life of the piano factory, however, was doomed. The coming of radio and cinema during the 1910s finally caused its closure and the whole family effort was concentrated into supporting the ice cream business, from 1912. By the late 1920’s the driving force behind the business were 2 of the sons with Domenico whom by then was taking a back seat, without exactly retiring. In 1943, at the age of 86, Domenico the much-respected elder statesman of the Manchester Italian colony died as peacefully as he had lived.


Domenico was an active member of the Italian community in Manchester .His contribution was recognised not only in Manchester but also in Italy, being awarded by the Italian government the ‘Grand Cross of Merit’ in 1914, and ‘Star of Merit’ in 1922, for his business success and for his social work within the Italian community, and ‘Cavaliere della Corona D’Italia‘ – Knight of the Crown of Italy – in 1932, a then rare award for an Italian living abroad.

When peace came, and controls were lifted, business was as before with an ever-increasing range on returning from their National Service, Romolo’s sons, Roland, Victor and Ernest joined the business. In 1961 the three sons moved on to start a new business in Eccles and it was Roland who brought the family business to this Millennium.